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We are a family run business.


Starting with the unique talent and skill of our Head Designer and Fashion Connoisseur. Gloria has always worked in the fashion industry and her skills span, from designing, cutting, making to training on all aspects of clothing. Not only does she love to shop and wear all kinds of styles, she loves to infuse her own style into simple designs making it unique, which the customers love. She has a unique eye and ability to tailor a garment to the customers style, body type and own look. Her love for clothing design and unique gift sparked the idea of creating our own label – giving us:- ‘Nouveau’ Fashions – (Definition of Nouveau, adj. New and Different, often fashionably so). We thought this was apt.


Colin manages the front end of the store ensuring customers are kept happy and our designs are well placed to catch your eye. Rails are always fully stocked. Customer service is a high priority and Colin’s daily interactions with clients makes each one feel special. Because we are a small concern, we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our customers. Our customer based spans across South Africa.


Amanda manages and oversees the end to end business process. Working closely with all aspects of running the business to ensure we deliver to client’s needs, enable staff to perform at their best, sourcing business requirements/supplies and plotting the direction for growing and sustaining the business.


Our Staff

Our staff members pride themselves in quality work. Working passionately to produce garments any lady would love to wear. They are proud of the Nouveau Fashions brand. Each lady has a niche skill spanning from experience attained in the manufacturing and retail industry. These skills are honed in on, to ensure they work to their potential and strength, bringing out their passion used to produce our Nouveau garments and ‘Breathing Life into Fashion’.

Our Mission

‘Breathing life into Fashion’

  • Fashion is not only about what you wear but how you feel in them.
  • We are dedicated to creating the highest quality garments which will ensure our customers are feeling and looking beautiful.
  • Style with a difference.

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